You’ve Lost Your Muchness

12 Jun

Is that like losing your loving feeling?

Maybe self love

We’ve all done it

That spark, a flicker of something wonderful in us

It fades

Struggles under the breeze of reality

I keep thinking I write much more depressed than I am

There is no perfection

Yet, I’ve emerged from epiphanies with a better understanding

Of me

Only me

Everything else is unknowable

I feel like a fresh lump of clay

Ready to be molded

Turned into something useful

I keep repeating myself like a mantra

But it’s back

That muchness

My head overflows with it

It’s noticeable

One Response to “You’ve Lost Your Muchness”

  1. fiveloaf June 18, 2010 at 10:44 pm #

    hmm- well thought out!

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