17 Apr

I’m a vegetarian and a foodie.  One does not cancel out the other.  Today I went to brunch with a friend and my sister and enjoyed a fantastic meat free meal.  If you ever get to Louisville, KY you must visit Lynn’s Paradise Cafe.    It’s a funky restaurant with a side of kitsch and great food.

  For starters I had a Chocolate Gorilla coffee heavy with banana syrup and

 chocolate.  Better than Starbucks and enough sugar and caffeine to keep

 me buzzing all day.

You have to try the crunch cakes.  Light and fluffy pancakes filled with

cinnamon granola and stuffed with blueberries.  These were shared by

all of us and the consensus was they were the best pancakes we ever had.

I then had the mushroom scramble topped with a horseradish sauce with a side of

home fries and a homemade biscuit.

My sister insisted the bacon was the best she had ever eaten, but I thoroughly

enjoyed my meal without the need for it.

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