2 May

I know I’m supposed to be happy this man who inflicted such evil in the world is dead.  Don’t get me wrong.  I am relieved such evil no longer exists.  It is a sigh of relief that a man with no other agenda but to create destruction and death in the world, is no longer part of it.  Yet, it does feel strange to celebrate the death of anyone.

I can imagine it is akin to the death of Hitler.  He was a man, but his diabolical soul made him so much less than that.  The death of someone so removed from the human race cannot be a bad thing can it?

I suppose I had hoped we would find Bin Laden, crouching in a spider hole like Hussein.  I wanted to show him unkempt and unworthy of any idolatry.  I had hoped his followers would see him as what he really was.  Just a man.  A man living less a life than those he tried to murder.  Not someone to be martyred or beatified, but someone who exposed himself as just flesh and bones and vitriolic hatred of those who found the goodness in life.

I know he’ll be a martyr to the cause now.  A sacrifice to the agenda of those who no longer understand what it means to be part of a race of people.  I’m relieved he’s gone.  But he will not be the last of his kind.  I just hope they can be exposed for the cowards they are before it is too late.


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