End of the World?

21 May

I don’t buy into the end of the world prophecies.  But I have a cold, my fever just broke, and I don’t exactly feel like frolicking in what I am told is the Earth’s last day.  It seems so pretty out there too.  But I will go see the latest Depp Pirate movie.  I figure if I’m going out, might as well be after watching a mediocre movie my daughter is insisting we see.

If it is the end of the world…I do want to leave this:

I know love and it’s a many splendid thing.  It’s never too late to find it.  Don’t squander it.  Chase it and hold it down until it calls uncle.

Children are indeed wonderful and horrible at the same time.  It’s a crap shoot the kind of kid you’ll end up with.  Do your best and love them anyway.

Kleenex with lotion is the way to go when you have a summer cold.

Don’t tan.  Hear me Snookie?  I’m relatively wrinkle free on my way to purgatory because of my ghostly whiteness.

And to my beloved D….you’ve made even the rainiest of days swirly and sunny.  See you on the other side.


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