Where has my foodie gone?

11 Jun

I’m bored with food.  Occasionally I will muster excitement for a certain dish or flavor, but mostly I’m desensitized to what constitutes a meal.  I’m a vegetarian, but I don’t think it’s to blame.  I have mountains of recipes I could be making, but I choose not to.  Instead, I rely on whatever is quick and easy to make.  I just had pasta with butter and tomato slices for lunch but the butter was not real and the tomato was flavorless.

Just recently, I’ve started making Sunday dinners for my daughter and myself.  It all looks delicious posed there on the table.  Baked potatoes, fresh corn, carrots and eggplant slices look good, but I was less than impressed.  All of these ingredients were bought in a grocery store, stored under fluorescent lighting and designed to withstand travels from afar.  It is the season of buying local and I think it’s time I join the bandwagon.

I remember meals that excited me.  The margarita pizza covered in fresh mozzarella and basil I had in Rome.  The blended vegetable soup I had in Lucerne that I can still taste to this day.  The wasabi mashed potatoes I ate in Lexington.  The sweet potato burger I devoured at a day spa in Louisville.  The peanut soup that was the highlight of my trip to Williamsburg.  The sweet stone crab claw at a dive bar in Florida.  The portabella napoleon in New York City.

I use to be a food snob when I cared more about what I ate.  Now when I want something sweet I eat an ice cream bar that tastes as bland as it sounds.  Instead of insisting on a great restaurant, I’ll settle on a drive thru baked potato and salad just to save myself the hassle.  Now, I’m left wondering what happened to me?

Maybe it’s because I share meals with my daughter, who could eat pasta and red sauce every day for the rest of her life.  She has no inclination toward trying anything new.  My family would eat buffet and call it a gourmet meal.  Food should be an event, something to share and maybe I’ve lost that.

So today when I made my pasta and it did not taste as I had hoped, I found my determination.  I love food, and I have definitely lost that loving feeling.  It’s time to get it back.  So here’s my plan, I will eat local and fresh.  I’m going to cook more.  I’m going to restock my spice rack and experiment.  I’m going to regain my desire to consume good food, only good food.

So for the next thirty days, I’m cooking.  I’ve made a vow I will not enter one drive thru no matter how tired I am.  I’m no longer grocery shopping once a week.  I’ll shop as I need.  I’m going to post what I eat because I want to be held responsible for not only my health, but my reclamation of one of the true wonders of life.  Good food.

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