How Laura Got Her Foodie Back – Days 6-8

19 Jun

So Friday was pitch-in today.  An orgy of fried and sweet foods guaranteed to send someone into a coma.  I’ve continued my question for what I really want and had only coffee for breakfast.  The smell of boxes and boxes of donuts was actually nauseating.  I think nibbled on fresh veggies, no dip and tortilla chips with salsa.  I brought a gourmet salsa with mango and pineapple, so I knew I would enjoy it.  For lunch, more veggies, more salsa, guacamole and cheese, lots of it.  Post lunch dessert was a small slice of birthday cake.  By the time I got home, I had no interest in eating again that night, so I stuck with iced tea.

On Saturday, I woke up still feeling more blah than usual.  I drank an almond milk and blueberry smoothie for breakfast and ate rice with veggies for lunch.  Dinner was just as boring, a peanut butter sandwich, but it really was what I wanted.  Sometimes being liberated to eat what you want, you realize there are too many decisions.

Sunday is now our traditional dinner day.  I skipped breakfast (Yes, I know how bad that is!) and we usually make the meal a late lunch/early dinner combo.  I had quinoa pasta with organic vegetable pasta sauce.  I am not in any way inclined to make my own pasta sauce.  I’ve opted to include more quinoa in my meals.  It’s high in protein and not nearly as bad for you as traditional pasta.  I baked off a loaf of Italian bread and had a spinach and strawberry salad without dressing.  

So I’m discovering I have a boring palate right now.  But I am eating what I want.  Maybe what I want needs to be fine tuned.  I am determined to make

it back to the farmer’s market this week and at least try two new veggie recipes.  We’ll see.  It’s going to be a long week.

Happy Eating!

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