I like………

15 Aug

My daughter singing in the car – she has a beautiful voice

Standing outside in the pounding rain

My new Android phone – suck it Iphone.

Purple the color of fresh picked eggplants

Spotify – I’m obsessed with obscure music now

Dark chocolate 72% cacao squares – I eat one every night and enjoy every single bite

Walking down by the river front – catching a breeze off the water

Turning my face up to the sun and forgetting for one moment it causes wrinkles

Swedish films – go figure

That I’ve ordered a Ukelele – and I’m determined to learn to play

Big bouquets of basil – I’d rather have that than flowers

Merging onto the highway just as the sun is rising and it momentarily blinds me and I’m reminded of the wonder of it all

Ancient Aliens – I’m hooked on it and Giorgio’s hair


Eating a spoonful of peanut butter every night – it’s just good

Colored pencils

Spinach in and on everything

Fuji apple pear water

Cinnamon in my tea


Good night spoons



Hats in the summer

Cow keychains

I really like me

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