Be Careful What You Wish For

18 Dec

As the year winds down, like a clock not wound too tight, there are changes…so many of them.

A new job title – One that I am both excited and worried about.  I’ve taken on a lot, but I am determined to enjoy it.

Out with baggage – Shipped it to Alaska.  It’s time to strip clean what once was and look forward to what can be.

Getting healthy – After a sad year, touched by cancer and my own chronic condition (no, it’s not serious), I’m back on track.

When I look back at the last New Year, some things occurred, some things did not.  I didn’t make a list, I didn’t dwell on what I wanted to happen.   I wished for changes, and there they were.  I wished for happiness, and it really is right there.  I wished for people in my life to love, and I have that.

I was careful what I wished for.  I was conservative.  But not 2012.  I will be bold.  I will be brave.  And I will see what materializes.

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