Music Mondays – Bon Iver

13 Feb

They won a Grammy for Best New Artist so you should know who they are.  Bon Iver may not have been the popular choice, but you have to hear them to appreciate the talent.  I was just grateful a band with pure talented sound could win out in a sea of flash.  Usually, it’s the Lady Gaga’s who garner all the attention and leave the moody lyrical alternative rock on the shelf for musicphiles like myself.

One of my favorite songs is Holocene, the harmony so piercingly pretty and uplifting.  It’s an unusual sound, but in a sea of pop-same-ness, it’s a welcome respite.  They’re the type of band you put on the Ipod and then lay back with your eyes closed and float away to another place.  The best music doesn’t need to explode in your face or shake your molars (although I do appreciate the Foo Fighters).

Their videos are artistic masterpieces, none more so than Hinnom, TX.    It’s simple, yet effective and beautifully colored.  I love the strangeness of the instruments used and it makes me long to play them myself.  My absolute favorite Bon Iver song is Perth.   I was first introduced to them when a dear friend of mine inserted their music into a video he was making.  Although their video is pretty good, his was better, but the song had me with the first chord.   I love the drums in this song too.  I could listen to it over and over and I’m doing just that.

So, they may not have won any supporters after what many deem is their stealing of the Grammy, but give them a listen anyway.  You might recognize the true talent and become a rabid fan such as myself.   Of course, they’ve been around a while, founded in 2007 by Justin Vernon.  I guess better late than never to the party.  Here’s to their continued success and even more albums.

Other notables:

Now go listen!


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