Mieze’s Musings # 4

19 Feb

*Yawn* Oh, it’s that time again.  Where do the days go?  I have no sense of what day it is, but I just know this seems to be the most relaxing of them all.  If cats wore pajamas, we would stay in them all day.


I think today I’ll spend most of it on my soft bed that’s high enough I can sleep in the sun or look out the window.  There’s a grassy spot below and I can watch humans and their dogs play on it.  The best way to observe a dog is from high and afar.  They really don’t have the control cats do not to chase everything that crosses their path.

The human woman I own is really sweet.  She bought me new toys.  The more adorable I act, the more attention and toys I receive.  It really is a happy life.  Now, if I could only get her and her son to share their food.  I didn’t say it was perfect.

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