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Mieze’s Musings # 3

12 Feb

Sometimes the people I own take me on a car ride to the house we use to live in.  The smells and the sounds frighten me, but I do like feeling the earth beneath my paws again.  It’s not the same anymore though.  I used to sprint out the door and travail around the woods.  I’d lick dew off blades of grass and chase bugs for hours.  I never paid attention before to the chill in the air and how my hip hurts when it’s cold.  

I didn’t sprint this time.  I meandered along sniffing the air and wishing I was on my soft blanket looking out of the window.  I saw a bug and couldn’t be bothered by it.  I think my opinion of what makes me happy has changed lately.  In my youth, I was happy chasing.  In my older age, I’m content with a warm place to lay and an occasional scratch on my ear.  I still like to drink the water drops off the grass though.  They will always be delicious.


We are all inhabitants of one

25 Jan