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8 Oct

I originally published the first 20 rules some time ago.  I had a couple of people ask me to write the next rules, so here they are in their entirety.  

  1. Lie only to children.  Adults should be able to handle the truth.  There should be more of it in the world.

  2. Smile at everyone you meet.  It can change their day and eventually the world.  One grin at a time.

  3. Be passionate about something.  Being passionate about someone is not the same.  Really embrace and want to be something, whether it’s a better person or a vegetarian.

  4. Learn a new word every day.  You don’t have to use it, but you have to learn it.  Language is a lost art and should never be forgotten.

  5. Eat a sticky fruit tart at least once a month.  Close your eyes and savor it.  It will change your life.

  6. Do not worry about what will happen in the future.  You will most surely bring it about.  Instead, concentrate on what you want to happen, whether it be to win the lottery or buy a house.  Do not surrender the dream of what can be.

  7. Use the word “whilst” more.  Just because it tickles your tongue.

  8. Drink green tea every day.  Not just because of the health benefits, but because Japanese tea ceremonies should be acknowledged.

  9. When you love someone, tell them.  Yes, they probably already know, but say the words.  Do not dilute them with insincerity.  Mean it from every cell of your being.

  10. Don’t just say you love someone.  Show them in the small things you do.  You do not have to send flowers daily or buy jewelry.  Remember a book they wanted to read and bring it home on a Wednesday.  Wash their favorite coffee cup perched on the edge of the sink.  Suffer through a ballet or a sports event because it means the world to them.

  11. Travel beyond your hometown.  It is important to see the world, to experience new foods and smells and people.  Eat pie in every place you visit.  Remember to smile at everyone you meet.  You are an ambassador your kind.

  12. Do not take yourself or the world too seriously.  It is okay to laugh at politically incorrect jokes and self-deprecation.

  13. Keep looking forward whilst (see it is easy to use!) nostalgic for the past.  You cannot undo what has occurred.  You cannot atone for wrongs or sidetrack regrets.  However, you can let them go, and accept they are the threads in the quilt of life you will one day drape around your shoulders.

  14. Never act your age.  Do not surround yourself with people who act older than their years.  Wear blue jeans even in your eighties.  Never accept you are past your prime.  Scoff at the notion of middle age.  Invent a new era.

  15. Brush your teeth twice a day and floss regularly.

  16. Browse the news but do not devour it.  There is death and destruction all around you, acknowledge it and mourn, but keep moving on.  You are doing your part to change the world, one smile and recycle bin at a time.

  17. Recycle.  Stop using plastic water bottles.  Think about the soil you are leaving for those who follow.

  18. Be charitable.  Whether it is a weekly tithe or a dollar in a tip jar, give to others what you can.  Give your time, your resources and your empathy.  You need to know you aren’t the center of the universe, at least not to anyone but your dog.

  19. Have a pet.  Whether it’s a dog, cat or a rock, have something to take care of that will return the love unconditionally.

  20. Laugh.  Every hour of every day.  Be grateful for those things that make you happy.  Even when you are crying, remember a funny joke.  Sorrow is good, but it is impermanent.  Happy is forever.

  21.  Walk every day.  Not just to your car.  But get out in the sunshine, the rain or the snow and walk.  Don’t power walk.  That’s for athletes.  But stroll leisurely and watch the way the grass blows in the breeze or a squirrel scampering up a tree.  It’s there for you to enjoy.

22.    Apologize when you’ve done something wrong.  Not later or the next day, but immediately.  Saying your sorry is powerful for the person you’ve wronged and yourself.  Be a big enough person to admit your faults and when you’ve let someone down.  We’re all human and not above the flaws of living life.

23.  Read something every day.  Not just magazines and internet blogs, but something fictional that will transport you to somewhere else.  Read someone else’s words and their outlook on life.  Expand your mind and your horizon.

24.  Relax more.  You do not have to be a whirlwind of activities and schedules.  You do not need to cram something into every minute of every hour.  Take time to do nothing.  Spend an extra hour in bed on a Sunday morning staring at the ceiling or cuddling a loved one.  Stop feeling guilty for not being perfect.  Allow yourself to just simply be still for periods of time each day.

25.  Embrace your work.  You may not like your job or your boss, but enjoy the work you do.  Simply showing up every day is an accomplishment, but do not be content with it.  Go above and beyond what is expected and your self worth will improve.  Even if you’re having a bad day, enjoy the work.  Embrace it.  It is what will sustain you.

26.  Embrace your age.  Do not fill your face with poison and plastic.  If you are unhappy with your looks, improve it only for yourself, but do not pretend you are younger than your years.  Every line and wrinkle tell the story of you and wiping that slate clean makes the you that came before disappear.  Everyone will age.  Everyone will die.  Just do it in style.

27.  Allow yourself to feel sadness.  Wallow in it for no longer than 24 hours.  Then rise above it.  The world does not end on your tragedies.  Life does go on.  Participate in it.

28.  Be nice.  It sounds so simplistic but it’s so hard for people.  When you see someone struggling, empathize.  When you ask something of someone, ask nicely.  You are not better than anyone else born into the world.  Remember your place amongst people.  You are simply one of many.  Not THE one.

29.  Be genuine and yourself in every situation.  Pretending to be something your not only sabotages your relationships.  Show someone who you really are and let them decide if they like it.

30.  Believe we are all on our journey and we are all where we need to be.  Some of us have an easier journey than others.  Help those who need it when you can.  Believe in fate and destiny.  Take chances when they come along, they arrived for a reason.