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Versatility Rules

13 Mar

Versatile Blogger from Kavita

Thank you Kavita for the sweet gift of a Versatile Blogger award.  I curtsy to your prolific blogging and beam with honor at being worthy of it.

Now, according to the rules, I have to:

Tell 7 Random facts about myself.
Pass the award on to 15 new-found (or known) bloggers.
Contact each blogger I want to pass the award on to and let them know that I’ve done so, and let the giver of my award know that I accepted it

Here goes the random:

1.  I love water, but I’m afraid of the ocean.  I did Kayak in it once and had to be rescued when the waves drug me out to sea.  Despite my fear, I love to stand in the sand with the waves lapping at my ankles.  I had a dream of being a marine biologist once, until I realized it involved being on the ocean.

2.  I can cook.  I mean, really.  For a period of time I was a personal chef.  I am known for my sauces and inventive ways with the vegetables.  My banana pudding makes grown men cry.

3.  I am an amateur photographer.  I even studied it in high school and college.  I paint also.  Badly.  But I love to do all things creative.  My favorite painting is the one I sent to my beloved “D” for Christmas.  It was inspired.

4.   I am a bundle of perky energy.  When I wrote for a local newspaper, I interviewed a yoga teacher who advised me to embrace my inner slacker.  I took her advice to heart and have learned to stop moving from one thing to another and to enjoy the moments.  I’ve learned to like movies and television by watching them without doing something else.  I am learning patience, a virtue I never possessed.  I owe a lot of these positive changes to “D” who has slowed me down to normal pace so I can walk beside him.

5.  I love to listen to music and have it playing when I write.  I have not outgrown the alternative phase, but will listen to anything I deem good.  I like to discover new songs, bands and tunes.  I have a secret desire to write a song and have it recorded.  I am a closet performer even though I can’t sing.  I am known to karaoke when I shouldn’t.

6.  I’m afraid to fly but love to travel.  One day “D” and I will drive across country eating pie in every hole in the wall diner we find.  I can’t wait.

7.  I’m incredibly lucky.  I believe you create your own, and have had some amazing things happen in my life because I was fearless about taking chances.  I hope that never changes about me.

And my nominations go to:

If you’re listed it’s because I enjoy reading you.

I’m versatiling you back Kavita because your poetry is just beautiful

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I love reading the thoughts, ramblings and poetry from all of you.  It’s a soul peek worthy of more than just this award.  Thank you for sharing and being an inspiration.