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Walking with Deer

28 Jul



21 Jul

I love to walk in a light mist of rain, with the clouds heavy overhead.  As beautiful as I find the sunshine, feeling as if I’m being embraced by a heated blanket of happy, I prefer the overcast.  I like the sepia tone of Fall and the ominous threat of rain clouds as I walk against the breeze.


5 Feb

I am amused by the human race.  I sit on my perch, looking out the clear wall at them below.  They talk into devices, punch buttons on them and drink out of cans.  Always in a rush, always scurrying to somewhere else.  The sun warms my face and they don’t even look up at it.  They really don’t know the secret to happiness.

Stop and stretch in the sun every once in a while.

And I’ve walked

5 Sep

This morning the sun was hidden behind a veil of thick clouds and the wind blew cool Fall air.  I began my walk in the park, one I have done many times, with no destination in mind.  I listen to my music loud and I try to clear my mind.  I’ve never been the type to enjoy exercise, but lately I am learning to love it.  Every exhale is a negative thought, every inhale is gratitude for what is good.  I listen to the lyrics in the music, and I write a dozen stories in my head, I rewrite painful realities in my life and every one of them has a happy ending.

This morning, long after my calves ached and my arches burned, I kept going.  The breeze blew my hair and I felt buoyed by it.  I was carried away and didn’t want it to end.  Each person who passed, waved and said good morning and I returned their greeting.  We were all on that road for various reasons, but we were all determined to complete whatever goal we had set for ourself.

I kept going when songs made me nearly weep with ache.  I kept going when my lungs burned.  I kept going even when I wondered why I bothered.  One morning does not change all the others that follow, I thought.  But this morning, I was driven by things other than myself and  I kept walking.  One hour turned into two, and finally, at the end, when I could see the parking lot, I called enough.

I felt strong and determined.  I felt confident in happy endings.  I felt grateful for sheer exhaustion.   Grateful for every second of every minute I’ve been happy.  Buoyed by the wind and the eternal hope it will never end.