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30 Jan

I like music that sounds like it was recorded in someone’s basement one Friday night after too many cigarettes and a box of wine.  My muse is Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.   Not only do they have beautifully nonsensical lyrics, but the sound is pure throw a sink at it.  And for this reason I love them.  They play like they truly love music, like it’s painful if they don’t.  I first ran across this band when listening to another one of my favorites, The Flaming Lips.

I was a fan after hearing their hit song Home, a beautiful song about finding home with the one you love.  It’s cute, raw and beautiful.  How could you not love a song with the lyric, “Well, hot & heavy, pumpkin pie, chocolate candy, Jesus Christ.”  It’s not meant to be taken as serious as the love they talk about.

The next best song is 40 Day Dream.    Uh huh it’s the magical mystery kind of song that you find yourself singing and smiling to.  I put on my earphones and sing at the top of my lungs, my favorite lyric “Somebody better pinch me..bitch I swear go crazy…she got jumper cable lips..she got sunset on her breath now.”  If you don’t believe me it’s infectious, go listen.  I promise you will be signing and swaying.

Okay, they’re a hodge podge of earth people.  But they can play, they can write and they can sing.  They obviously love it and they renew my faith in the future of music.

I want to be wherever they are singing.  I can only hope they continue to write.

Other songs of note:


Now go listen!