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Music Mondays – Sigur Ros

6 Feb

Sigur Ros is not an obscure band no one knows about, yet I like them anyway.  I was a dabbler.  I knew a few songs, barely enough to call myself a fan.  Then I met my Sigur Ros soulmate who introduced me to the world of Icelandic music and Jonsi.  I too often use the word beautiful.  I seem to find it everywhere.  I wish there was another word (yes, I checked the thesaurus) that would adequately capture their music.  It is beautiful, uplifting and transforming.

One of my favorite songs is Vaka.  Yes, I realize the lyrics are not in English.  Who cares.  I can feel every emotion Jonsi is conveying.  One of the first I fell in love with is Hoppipolla.   The video is brilliant.  A take on childhood from an elderly perspective.  It’s perfection is how it carries you along, bobbing on a river of happy.  It’s a testament to music that it can transcend language and lyrical intent to hold you in its grasp.

One of their most famous songs is Staralfur.  It is a song that will forever remain in my top five favorites.  I put it on, close my eyes and find myself transported to a bright field of green and I can feel everything.  If you’ve never heard of them, it’s time.

A few other notables:

Now go listen!