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Hodge Podgery

9 Jul

My synapses have been on overtime lately.  I’m a whirling dervish of energy and excitement.  I’d like to blame it on my giving up gluten and potatoes (I know I know..nothing to live for), but there’s something brewing in the inner regions of my psyche that have been dormant for so long.  Truth is I feel so much more me lately.  I keep thinking I’m as me as I’ll ever be, but then there’s another layer I had forgotten I locked away in a closet.

I did give up gluten, which has meant more time in the kitchen cooking delicious items.  Look at those gluten free pizzas with mushrooms and carmelized onions.  So delicious too.

“I get lost in my mind..lost in my mind….lost…I get lost…loooooooooosssssssssst.”  Pardon me while I sing along to Head and the Heart singing Lost in My Mind.

I’m also addicted to upcycling and repurposing.  My kiddo said this is how all hoarders start out.  She may have a point, except I’m not one for things lying about.  Except as I glance over at my art table it’s covered in paint, sea glass, canvases and my coffee mug with a naked woman with swinging breasts.  Don’t believe me?  Here’s a picture.  Genius.

Maybe physically feel better and it’s rewiring my mental.  I haven’t been feeling out of sorts, but lately I feel downright childlike.  I have a wonderment and such an appetite for life.  Maybe I’m replacing my bread and potatoes hunger for another.  A hunger to live as if there is a tomorrow of promise.

Now listen to this song….I think you’ll feel the way I do:

I’d love to feel
Your hand touching mine
And tell me why
I must keep working on

Yes I’d give my life
To lay my head tonight on a bed
Of California stars


All I can give

11 Jun



All I can give

is the me that is left

Scar tissued

and aged

Try so hard to be open

To be unphased

To be present

All I can give

is everything

damaged, but not gone

All I want

Is the same in return



Happy Birthday to Ewe – I recycled this poem from last year

14 Mar

You blow swirly girly sunshine up my skirts

Tickle my giggle until my tummy hurts

Forgive my spiral and my snark

Give me reason to light that spark

You are the muse to my glittery part

Global warm the glacial thaw of my heart

Put on my wellies when I slip in the squish

Listen to my rant and banish it with a kish

You’re the keen in my peach

The sand on my beach

The grass in my meadow

You’re a wonderful example of a fellow

So for your birthday I gush

And overwhelm you with smush

My enthusiasm you can’t muzzle

Even with a damp huzzle

Happy Birthday to the amazing ewe

I feel like it’s my birthday tew

Just because I get to know the squish

And give you another birthday wish.

Beginning – dedicated to the muse that inspires me

6 Mar

It’s a beginning

A wonderful adventure ahead

The excitement of creating

A mutual goal

Bringing talents to life

To our life

Finally venturing

Ignoring the nagging voice

The one that tells you it won’t work

Clinging to the glittery belief

That willing it makes it so

Ode to Meeko – Guest Contributor – Natalie Johnson

5 Mar

(Sing to Little Teapot)

I’m a little Meeko short and stout.

Here is my tail and here is my snout.

When I hafta pee,

you’ll hear me pout.

Put – my leash on and




What I’m thinking about…..

2 Mar

1.  My electricity went off the other night for a few hours.  I realized I’m not completely comfortable with the lack of sound of electronic hums.  I tried to listen to my Ipod, but it just reminded me how dark and quiet it really was.  The lights came on around one in the morning and I immediately fired up my computer so I could be lulled to sleep by something, anything, that was on Netflix.  It’s not so much I can’t be alone with my thoughts.  It’s just nice to have a background noise to them.

2.  Today we are under severe weather warning.  Which, if you’re from the South, you know it means tornadoes.  Logically I’m not afraid of having to live through another one again.  Instead, I’m just weary of the worry it all brings.  This is repayment for the lack of winter this year.

3.  I finished a book of a certain genre that I have been lax about getting published.  It’s just that mentally I decided not to publish in that genre anymore and it’s like I’ve already said goodbye.  But it’s a shame to have something completed and not see it to the end.  I promised myself I would do something with it this year.  I just haven’t had the inspiration to do it.  Maybe soon.

4.  The coffee I bought with shots of fake caramel flavor just doesn’t taste as good as I hoped for.

5.  I’m eating Indian food for lunch.  Seems decadent.

6.  My daughter offered to make me breakfast this morning.  It still makes me sniffle that she does.

7.  I haven’t written a poem in a while.  I really should.  I’ll give it some thought.

There’re more things on my mind today, but a girl has to keep some secrets.

What I know…..

15 Feb

Love really is blind, it doesn’t waiver when you’re at your worst

Love really is kind, it doesn’t gloat when you’re wrong or down

Love is sweet, it wants a smile just because

Love is heat, it warms you even on the coldest days

Love endures, even in the mundane moments

Love secures, it feels like arms around you when you most need a hug

Love wanes, it fades a little and waits patiently

Love remains, it comes back with a vengeance

Love will hurt, and tears will be shed

Love must flirt and adore despite the outside world caving in

Love makes you sigh happily in your sleep

Love makes you smile instead of weep

Love brings joy to your heart

Love strengthens even when you’re apart

Love can heal all those scars

Love can be etched in the stars

Love is the arms around you in the middle of the night

Love is the hug in the middle of a fight

Love makes you a better you

Love makes everything new

Happy Valentine’s Day

14 Feb

My heart squishes when I walk…


Thumpity thumps when I talk…


Wear it on my sleeve…


Can’t make it not believe…

Just Wanting To Know

29 Jan

The sun is shining

The air is cold

Your laughter to hear

Your hand to hold

Just wanting to know

What you’re doing the rest of the day

We could sip on lattes

And read the news

Smile across a table

Twinkle in our blues

Just wanting to know

What you’re doing the rest of the week

Drive the country

Eat pie a la mode

Cuddle in the darkness

Travel that road

Just wanting to know 

What you’re doing the rest of the year

Kisses in the morning

and every night

Intertwined fingers

Spooning tight

Just wanting to know

What you’re doing the rest of our lives.

Summer Wishes

19 Jan

I dream of summer

Heat pressed against my shoulders

Clothing optional

Oppressive sunshine

I dream of the warmth on my face

As I trudge through the frost

It’s soon