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Cat Eyes

16 Aug


Mieze’s Musings

5 Aug






*Photo taken by “D”

Mieze’s Musings – This belly isn’t going to scratch itself

15 Jul

The Newest in Home Decor – Guest Photographer “D”

10 Jul

Mieze’s Musings

1 Jul

Yeah – I’m a foodie


Mieze’s Musings – The Return

24 Jun

Humans wouldn’t be so fat if they did cat exercises every day.


It’s really easy….just stretch.









It’s like cat yoga, rubbing my fur along surfaces and it keeps me fit if I wanted to chase a mouse.







After stretching – take a nap.











It’s a cat’s life

Mieze’s Musings # 5

6 May

After a hot and sticky day, nothing like a bath.




15 Apr

I realize how cute I am    


But what is this creature?

Mieze’s Musings – # 11

8 Apr

So why does a rabbit have its own holiday?

Have you ever talked to a rabbit?


They don’t have paws to bat things with.

They can’t climb onto the windowsill to look at the world below.

They can’t even meow.

So why do they get a day filled with pastel baskets of goodies and great smells from the kitchen?

And humans wonder why we seem cranky.

I’m going back to my nap.

Mieze’s Musings – #10

1 Apr

Can’t a cat get some sleep around here?